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Youth demand Natipora playfield’s maintenance

Urge Secy Sports Council for ground’s upkeep

The youth living in the vicinity around the Harnambal Ground Natipora Srinagar have urged the Secretary J&K Sports Council Srinagar for proper maintenance and upkeep of the playfield.
A group of youth from the area under the banner of ‘Group of Sports Harnambal Ground Natipora’ urged the Secretary J&K Sports Council for the upkeep of the playfield so that it is suitable for organising all activities and competitions including practices of sports and games like football, volleyball, handball, cricket, and other sports.
“We urge your goodself for orders to be passed to all concerned departments, corporations, and officers for the upkeep of the playfield. It is a prize piece of land in the area that can cater to the needs of all sportsmen and women in building their talent and standard of games. There is no such field or open space in the vast area of the Srinagar and Budgam districts,” the youth said.
In their memorandum to the Secretary J&K Sports Council Srinagar, the youth of the area demanded, “The field be got full leveled as it has many depressions, which can be harmful to the players. Some quantity of good loose earth be dumped as reserve for filling depression resulting after rainfall and snowfall for future.
“A heavy roller is engaged for maintaining one level in all sectors and corners of the playing areas.
“A small pavilion block, proposed to be constructed, be erected in the centre of the football field on the east or west sides that is on the longer sides of the football field.
“A tube-well be got dug and made operational fro watering the ground, with proper safeguard and protection and watering points be provided all around the ground.
“A chowkidar hut be constructed with all daily requirements for living.
“The existing fence around the field be inspected and any damages be set right to stop the unauthorised entry.
“All available entrances of the field for pedestrians be repaired or fully removed, which have provided wrong and forced entries to the pedestrians, cyclists and scooter riders.
“The existing entrance or gates be provided strong locking system and small entrances for pedestrians.
“Lime-marking machines, lawn movers, ground maintenance implements be kept available
“Electric connections be provided for public address system.
“At least one chowkidar, one safai karamchari, and a minimum of two groundsmen and an in-charge be posted for management affairs.
“Steel folding chairs and office for uncharged requirements be provided.”
They said that they hoped that their request would be fulfilled and the playfield made available to the youth of the area and the sports association for their daily use.

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