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Eid-Al Adha: Govt likely to follow same plan that was followed during Eid Al Fitr to prevent spread of covid- 19

Srinagar, July 13 (KINS): The authorities here in Kashmir are likely to follow the same plan on the eve of Eid-Al Adha that was followed during Eid Al Fitr in May for preventing the spread of deadly coronavirus.
The covid cases are on decline for the last few weeks in Kashmir valley.
However the authorities are worried that people may abandon masks and social distancing that could lead to the spike in the covid cases.
One of the top officials heading the government’s effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus told news agency KINS that any carelessness in observance of precautionary measures during Eid-ul-Azha may lead to a spike in coronavirus cases.
He said that greater public cooperation will lead us to a significant drop in the number of positive test results.
The official said that they will urge the people to continue observing (precautions) essential to stop the virus. “Eid-ul Azha must be celebrated with simplicity,”
Sources said that the divisional administration will finalise the standard operating procedures (SOPs) regarding the handling of cattle markets, ahead of Eid Al Adha. “It is likely that the same plan that was followed during Eid Al Fitr in May for congregational prayers will be adopted for Eid Al Adha as well,” sources claimed.
Sources said that the restrictions in place at the coronavirus containment zones would continue.
Sources said that necessary guidelines will be forwarded to all the stakeholders including deputy commissioners, district health officers and the police.
The residents here in Srinagar said that with approaching Eid, people are getting careless now. “I have a sign on my shop that says, ‘no mask, no service,’ but people still enter without them, and sometimes it leads to arguments. If the people will lose interest in safety measures, especially during Eid, I fear the virus could become a big problem.”(KINS)

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