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Aliens Could Look And Act Just Like Us, Because They Might Have Evolved In Similar Ways

When it comes to sci-fi movies, a lot of the earliest classics made always depict aliens as very humanoid creatures. Two arms, two legs, two ears and eyes etc.

And funnily enough, according to experts, that may very well be what they look like.

A new study from the University of

Oxford now suggests that aliens, if and

when we ever find them, may look

similar to us, because they will have

undergone similar evolutionary


Sam Levin, a zoology researcher at university, said the study attempts “to use evolutionary theory to make predictions that are independent of Earth’s details.” Basically, the team debated what would be the biggest changes to occur between the various changes in the evolutionary timeline of an alien species. For instance, would they move from swimming to crawling to running etc.

Thanks to how complex evolutionary transitions are, the team believes the entire process is actually predictable, to the point we can expect the guys way out there to resemble us in at least a few ways. In addition, the scientists also say that, if they’re right about the the evolutionary cycle being the same as ours, alien culture and principles might also be quite close to our own. These, after all, grow out of aspects of our survival instincts and need for cooperation.

Of course, none of that means aliens would really like us. Theorists say aliens can look and act like us, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll react the same way we would. So yeah, meeting an alien species could turn out to be a science fiction movie where they decide to invade us on a whim.

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